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We are the voices for those who cannot seek justice for themselves
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What is Voices for Pets?

Voices For Pets is an advocacy group seeking justice for non-human animals who have been violently mistreated or murdered. We strive to make the public aware of violent crimes and seek their support to punish the offender within the legal court system.

Has Voices For Pets been effective?

Yes! We have had a dramatic impact on the way our courts view violence against animals. Where traditionally incarceration of perpetrators who commit violence against animals was not a real consideration for most D.A. offices, we have become a force to change this and help ensure violent offenders go to jail.

We’ve also been successful in getting the word out to the public about who the violent criminals are and how we can all stand together to ensure these tragedies don’t go unpunished and unabated.

We have also made strides in causing politicians to consider and acknowledge our concerns and legal agendas to effect change and protect non-human animals.

Remember that the larger our numbers, the louder our voice. We need your representation as well!

How is VFP different from other organizations?

A big part of Voices For Pets effectiveness has to do with our focus. While we do get involved with important periphery animal work like fostering, our general focal points are individual court cases we see through the court systems from their inception to case sentencing as well as working with local authorities to repair or uphold laws for animal protection. For instance, we are currently working with city and government agencies to redevelop trapping laws so that domestic animals and children are not harmed or maimed in dangerous commonly used traps.

How is Voices For Pets funded?

We are solely reliant on the good will of the public to maintain and grow our case work and efforts for legal change.

Our operating expenses and volunteer needs grow as the demand for our help grows. Currently we are not keeping pace with our growing expenses. Any donation, large or small, of your time and/or money is deeply appreciated.

Are my donations to Voices For Pets tax-deductible?

Yes, Voices For Pets is a non-profit organization and can be deducted from both your State and Federal taxes.

How can I help?

We need volunteers in many areas!! Foster work , Veterinary care, Event planning, Fund raising, Grant writing, and Newsletters - we need folks in all of these areas. If you have accounting or writing skills, we could also use your help.

Keep in mind that even a couple of hours a month of your time can make a big difference to the effectiveness of Voices For Pets. Joining us for a court date is also critical. This helps send the message to the legal system that the public doesn’t want cruelty, torture and abuse swept under the rug.