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We are the voices for those who cannot seek justice for themselves
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Voices for Pets, a non-profit organization, came into existence in 1993 in response to the lack of serious prosecution of cruelty to animal cases.

In 1993 a Danville man, Ryan Robbins, had just returned from a year of military training and was showing off his military skills in front of 15 young people. Jingles, the family cat, became his victim. He first tried to wring Jingles� neck. When Jingles didn�t die, Robbins struck her against a kitchen cabinet several times. Still alive, Jingles was beheaded with a meat cleaver.

When questioned by police, Robbins responded that it was no big deal at the Virginia Military Institute and he had a hard time believing his actions should be treated as a criminal matter.

Ryan Robbins was charged with a misdemeanor and fined $200.

We have come a long way since 1993. Today, more sadistic humans who use violence against more animals are getting more felony convictions with jail time, but only in those cases where we respond with a tremendous effort.

Law enforcement�s response to cruelty to animals is where domestic violence was 20 years ago. Police generally do not want to get involved and no one does jail time.

Voices for Pets is here for those who cannot seek justice for themselves and we are being heard.
Voices for Pets responds to violence against animals. We seek to strengthen and enforce laws against animal crimes, and advocate successful prosecution of those who perpetuate crimes against animals. Voices for Pets educates the public about crimes against animals, and encourages responsible pet guardianship, housing and care.