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The other day my wife and I went looking for a companion dog for our eight year old Rottweiller mix and were thrilled to adopt this sweet girl, especially knowing her sad story. The problem is that she does not get along with our dog Frank. We’ve tried everything and have come to the conclusion that she needs to be in a home where she is the only dog. She doesn't do well around other dogs but absolutely loves people. She is spayed, has her shots, and is also microchipped.

Is there anyone out there who could give this sweet loving doggy a home of her own? She needs people contact so she would need to be an inside, outside dog. She’ll lay right by you all day. She’ll gallop up to you wagging her tail and greet you for a big head rub, and lean on you when you come home.

We would appreciate any help we can get because the last thing we want to do is put her back in the pound in a cage where she’s already spent three months of her life.

Update: 3/25/02

Sheila has been rescued and adopted by a wonderful family.

She thanks everyone for their help!
February 2002

Berkeley, CA

2-25-02 Sheila, an adorable six year old Shepherd mix lived in Berkeley with a group of people, no one in particular being her owner. Two times she strayed from her home and ended up at the Berkeley Animal Control. Someone from her communal home came and got her both times. Not long after that she was again lost and placed in the Berkeley Animal Control. Three months went by and no one came to get her.

Sheila is the sweetest most cuddly playful doggy who thrives on human contact and will be your loyal companion, following your every move, just wanting to be close to you and to know where you are at all times. She has big goofy paws, one ear up and one ear down. She gallops around and greets you with a big lean and tail wag. She’s well-trained, knows how to sit and lie down and is potty-trained.
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