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April 2014 - Hometown Hero: Walnut Creek man fights for justice on behalf of abused animals
April 2012 - Contra Costa District Attorney in the case against Todd Powers
June 2011 - Pets Being Poisoned In Brentwood Subdivision
Jan 2011 - Serial Cat Killer in Corona, CA
June 2007 - Dog Bound & Tortured to death in Oakland
May 2008 - Cats tortured, set on fire
May 2007 - 15 goats shot to death
Dec 2005 - Voices for Pets speaking out for justice for animals
March 2001- Cat beaten and torched in Napa, CA
June 2001 - Cat used as bait survives
May 2001- Cat killer ordered to get psych tests
Jan 2001 - Suspected trapper skips date in court
Jan 2001 - This little piggy could stay home
Dec 2000 - 2 families sue over deaths of pet cats
Nov 2000 - Pinole is Set to Ban Some Types of Animal Traps - Part 3
August 2000 - Cities are urged to ban traps - Part 2
August 2000 - Pinole Crafting Law To Ban Animal Traps - Part 1
June 2000 - Dog's Killer Sentenced To Community Service
March 1998 - Putting the Bite on Animal Abusers
June 1997 - It's cats vs. terns, with Navy in the middle
Feb. 1994 - Broke into an Animal Shelter, then tortured and killed a cat