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We are the voices for those who cannot seek justice for themselves
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How you can help stop violence against animals:

Join the Voices for Pets Action Alert Network [Click Here to join]. We'll email Alerts and Updates about the current cases we're involved in so you can be
apprised of the very latest infomation.

Contact Local Officials
Contact judges, district attorney, state attorney general or local elected officials regarding current court cases or other relevant topics

Be a Voices for Pets supporter and encourage your friends to do the same:

•  Send an email to your friends passing along our website and ask them to join our Voices for Pets Action Alert Network
•  Offer to temporarily keep a recovering animal in your home

Volunteer your services - we need help of all kinds.
We need volunteers in many areas!! Foster work, Veterinary care, Event planning, Fund raising, Grant writing, and Newsletter Development - we need folks in
all of these areas.

Keep in mind that even a couple of hours a month of your time can make a big difference to the effectiveness of Voices For Pets. Joining us for a court date is
also critical. This helps send the message to the legal system that the public doesn’t want cruelty, torture and abuse swept under the rug.

Place a donation can at your place of work or at a business you know of which is willing to participate. Click here to go to the "Contact Us" page to fill out
the form to help place a donation can. We'll contact you after receiving your information. Thanks!

Make a cash donation to Voices for Pets. We are a non-profit organization that is funded entirely from donations.

Please complete our Volunteer Form (shown below) if you are interested in Volunteering. We look forward to you joining our organization and with us
providing a Voice to help protect those who can not protect themselves.  We'll contact you after receiving your information
Volunteer Application
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How would you like to help?
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  Fund Raising
  Event Planning
  Place and Maintain Donation Cans
  Temporarily housing a recovering animal in my home
  Veterinary care
  Grant Writing
  Public Awareness

Please complete this form with other ways you are able to help us:

Do you want to join our our
Voices for Pets Action Alert Network?

(Visit our Action Alert page for more info)
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